Only a day or two after I published my last post on the PoFA, I discovered some additional photographs, as well as a passage that I had previously written at some unknown date. Since I, then, thought my words were important enough to write, I decided that they are currently important enough to be shared with others. I hope that this little additional installment provides more insight into my experience at this incredible location. 


For many, traveling to the Palace of Fine Arts when visiting SF has become a mark of tourism, where selfies are taken in front of the landmark in order to later share with everyone that they were there. 

For others, going there is about truly experiencing the PoFA. It is about walking along the sidewalk or sitting on one of the benches and simply taking in all that the location has to offer. It is about observing and absorbing the beauty in their surroundings. It is about experiencing rather than documenting the fact that they did experience it. 

For me, and hopefully someone else out there, it is also about documenting how I experience the places that I go to. It is about experiencing for myself and capturing the things that draw my attention in the setting. It is about documenting my point of view and capturing my experience of searching for and photographing the things that may go overlooked by others who have walked the same path, just with a different intention and perspective. 


There is no one else who could possibly experience the world just as I do, and even with photographs, it is nearly impossible for you to share my experience exactly as I did; however, it is important for me to offer my point of view for others to interpret.

Kaila Jacinto